Every Summer Has a Story...

Welcome to all my visitors from The Artful Tribe's Summer Blog Hop!  I'm so happy you are here!  What a fitting way to finish off the summer; a creative adventure that will hopefully inspire you well into the fall!

Every summer has a story....   For me that story was chaos!!  We were blindsided in early June that the owners of the home we were renting wanted to move back in.  They were asking us to vacate before our lease was up in August, so we jumped into action.  In less than two months, we house hunted, found a house, ventured through the very long and drawn out loan process and finally got the keys to our new home.  We also had to move out and move in.  There is a reason they say moving is one of the most stressful life experiences!!  What a chaotic whirlwind!

The good news is we are finally settling into our new home and loving it!  God provided everything we needed and this home is truly a blessing!  The bad news is not much creating happened over the summer because I was packing up my studio (as well as the rest of our lives)!   I've been working hard on unpacking and organizing my new studio space and I'm super excited to get in and start working again.  I'll show you pictures of the new studio soon!

In the meantime, here is a little peak into a new piece I'm working on.

Beginning background layers with paint and texture.

Beginning background layers with paint and texture.

Additional layering with paper, bible pages, tissue paper and paint.

Additional layering with paper, bible pages, tissue paper and paint.

This piece will follow along the same theme as my Indian Paintbrush painting.  I'm planning on bluebonnets this time, but we will have to see how the painting progresses and if my initial plans change!


Again, a warm welcome to any new visitors from The Artful Tribe!  Here are a few questions we are all answering as part of the blog hop!

1. My story so far...   If you'd like to know more about me and my story, feel free to check out my "About" page here on the blog.  In a nutshell, I've always been drawn to art and felt the need to create.  I studied art throughout my school years and went on to get my art degree in college.  I taught art for several years in the public school system and  now teach painting classes part time as well as create mixed media original art that I sell.

2. My goals for the future...  I hope to continue to take on commissioned work as well as create and sell my own inspired pieces.  I would love to see a Visual Arts ministry develop at my church.  I also have been feeling the calling to take on some private art students, perhaps at the high school level.  I love the idea of a mentoring relationship built through creating together!  

3.  My biggest influences...  Oh, how I love to follow other artists!  One of my favorite things to do to stay inspired and continue to grow is to take classes from other creatives!  We can learn so much from each other!  Some of my biggest influences are Kelly Rae Roberts, Jeanne Oliver, Christy Tomlinson, and Wyanne Thompson.  They are amazingly talented and are willing to share their passions, techniques and stories with the world!

4.  My favorite media....  When I discovered mixed media several years ago, I was in love!  It is the perfect marriage of paint, collage, texture, and any other wonderful art supplies my heart desires to use!  Along with mixed media, I love watercolor.  I studied watercolor in college and continue to explore it as time allows.  I hope to make time for more of it in the future!

Thanks again for stopping by and visiting my blog today!  I hope you enjoyed yourself!!  Check out these other amazing artists sharing a bit of their creativity through the blog hop today:





Happy hopping!! :)