Catalyst 2013

Catalyst Dallas

I had the privilege of attending the Catalyst Conference last month with several leaders and staff from my church.  Wow!  What an amazing experience!  I'm still trying to unpack and take in all I learned and experienced there!  We were able to hear incredible speakers such as Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Jon Acuff, Erwin McManus, Dave Ramsey and two of my absolute favorites, Lysa Turkeurst and Brene Brown

Along with the great speakers, we had breathtaking worship with Matt Redman, Anthony Evans and David Crowder.  So very moving and exciting to sing along in person with some of my favorite artists!!

David Crowder - Catalyst

There were so many things I loved about this conference.  It motivated me, encouraged me, challenged me, stretched me and moved me.  Aside from the outstanding speakers and awesome worship, one of my favorite parts was seeing other artists in action and the fact that they used visual artists as part of the worship and overall experience. 

This was the amazing Hannah Renae Joiner painting live as her Dad, Reggie Joiner spoke.

Hannah Joiner - Catalyst


We also had an artist on stage creating live with a pottery wheel.  Unfortunately I missed her name, but it was awesome to watch her create!

Creating - Catalyst

I LOVE the images captured by the photographer(s) at Catalyst.  They are works of art in themselves!!

I'll talk more about the impact Catalyst had on me later, but for now I want to speak into the need for more visual artists to use their art to worship and witness and share God's love.  It is my prayer that churches will begin to embrace like never before the visual arts and create opportunities for painters, sculptors, printmakers, illustrators, etc. to have the stage along side the amazing musicians, dancers and speakers who are already there.  I want to see Visual Arts Ministries blossoming up in churches everywhere, opening the doors to artists in the communities than may...or may believers.  I want us to use this gift God has given us to create for His Kingdom purposes...for His glory and honor!!! 

So artists, who is with me?  I know it is happening out there, but are you a part of it?  Lets rise up and make this a mainstay in our communities today! 

Have you thought about praying about a Visual Arts Ministry at your church?

Happy creating,